Hauschka music video releases in Fader Magazine

<img src=”1930s Piano Movers” alt=”The Key – “Children” by Hauschka music video, Film: Jeff Desom, starring Summer Shapiro” />

Hauschka – The Key from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.

This film has been a long time coming.  Phone conversations and skype conceptualizing meetings happened this past summer 2010 with Jeff Desom and Volker Bertelman (Hauschka).  I traveled to Luxembourg to  in this film and have a couple fancy scars left to prove it.  The shoot was rigorous and it seemed as though there was not a corner of Luxembourg unturned by us in our Desom family delivery truck.  There was a moment at the steam engine museum where a couple came up to us in the parking lot as we loaded that piano back into the van.  They looked at us sideways, but with little grins on their faces and said – “Did we see you and your piano in the forest the other day?”  We laughed and said, “Yea!”  Luxembourg is so small and we were hitting so many spots that one couple had seen us not 3 days earlier on the other side of the country.

Here is a link to the video in Fader magazine and below that you can find links to the other artists work.  It has been lovely to collaborate with such dedicated and fine artists.


Hauschka: the lovely composer and prepared pianist

Jeff Desom: Jeff Desom has tirelessly been working on the editing and after effects, and all of this after he directed the film.


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